Thanks to Bill Alexander Ford, farm worker buses will be sporting these new gratitude wraps. “Wave if you love veggies!” is an opportunity to send a quick thank you to those that work so hard to ensure we all have healthy food for our families.

The Farm Workers

For years from sun up until after the sun has set, the farm workers have been there for us. For the growers. For the shippers. For the communities that welcome them each year. For anyone who wants to eat nutritious leafy greens year round. Without our farm workers, where would we be?

Labor of Love thanks...

Tanimura & Antle

Mark Stover, Director of Operations for Tanimura & Antle nominated Noe as the "highlighted team member on this Labor of Love. "Noe has been with us from the beginning. His hard work and pride in doing a good job got him to where he is today. He is honest and extremely humble and we're grateful to have him on our team!"

Q - Noe, how long have you worked for Tanimura & Antle?
A - 33 years.

Q - What jobs have you had over the years?
A - I started in irrigation then worked as a crewman until I worked my way up to supervisor.

Q - What do you enjoy about your job
A - I'm proud to work for T & A. They are like my family. I enjoy working in the fields and the people I work with every day. .

Q - How does your team motivate you?
A - I have a good team. We feel good when we know we do a good job!

Q - What's your favorite produce to eat?
A - Cauliflower!

Thank You to Our Supporters

Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association
Tanimura & Antle
Foothill Packing
Sabor Farms
JV Smith Companies
Griffin Ranch
Amigo Farms
Dole Food Company
Alexander Ford Yuma
Ware Farms
Garden Cafe
Church Brothers
Taylor Farms
Mr. G Chili Pepper
TMD Creative
Ocean Mist
TLC Custom Farming
Frost PLLC Accountants

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